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Presidential Committee

The Hamburg Section is supervised by an honorary Presidential Committee. It is chaired by the President of the Hamburg Section of the German Red Cross (DRK Hamburg).

  • President: Wilhelm Rapp
  • Vice-President: Annette von Rantzau
  • Vice-President: Karsten Tötter
  • Treasurer: Reinhard Titz
  • Legal Adviser: Dr. Michael Labe
  • Head of Emergency Service and Disaster Relief: Jürgen Mittas
  • Chief Medical Adviser: Dr. Florian Reifferscheid
  • Health and Care Chairperson: Karin Tippach
  • Youth Red Cross Director: Mona Lampe
  • Chairman of Red Cross branch Nord: Jan Buchholz
  • Chairman of Red Cross branch Eimsbüttel: Dietrich Wersich
  • Chairman of Red Cross branch Bergedorf: Peter Kröger
  • Chairman of Red Cross branch Altona and Mitte: Dr. med. Christine Schüler, MD
  • Chairman of Red Cross branch Wandsbek: Stephan Wulff
  • Chairman of Red Cross branch Harburg: Gerhard Weisschnur
  • Head of Red Cross Nurses Association in Hamburg: Marion Harnisch

The basis of their work is the Statues of the Hamburg Red Cross Association of December 2011.

Executive board:

Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Georg W. Kamp